Loving the woman within the Mama

This week I took a trip! A “me time” trip with my best girlfriend! But of course, right before leaving, I got those familiar old feelings of “mommy guilt”. Drat! I hate that I do that to myself! We think for some reason we do not deserve to get away and be selfish! We do deserve it! We cannot forget about the woman beneath the Mama! It took me years to get that. I still get the mommy guilt but just quickly squash it now because we as moms give, sacrifice and compromise daily, and that’s our job as mothers…and we wouldn’t change a thing, but we absolutely deserve to reacquaint with ourselves. We are still woman who need friends, getaways and me time, whatever you need to fill your bucket. Depriving yourself of that only leads to resentment and it will come out and make you miserable.

I am recharged on a new level today because I gave myself the gift of a getaway. Sometimes you will only be able to give yourself an hour or a day, but you must make yourself a priority and tend to what makes you tick.

The best part of the getaway has been the face time calls from my kids telling me how much they miss me! 💜 I am looking forward to getting home to squish them. It’s good for them to miss you and be reminded of how great their mommy is!

I have rediscovered this week my love for reading. I can’t wait to get a summer reading list together and carve out time for it at home. What are you reading? Share in The comments! Take care of you!

💜 ~Wise Owl Mama

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