Meet Wise Owl Mama

The most difficult challenge I face is still ahead…rediscovering me.

Hey Mama’s,

Welcome to my momworld. I’d love to introduce myself. I’m Amy. I’m really important to four special humans that I am blessed to call mine. I am a SAHM of three unique boys and one very tough sweet girl. Two in college and two in High School. All adopted as babies, Day one in the world.  I have been married 25 years to and engineer, which by gawd is quite an achievement in itself, because engineers,of course, have all the answers. Right?

I have been Momming for over 20 years now. Preceded by 5 years of every kinda infertility effort possible. The stars were aligned for my hubby & I to be adoptive parents. That story can be viewed in my previous blog Mommie or Bust!!

I must tell you that without chocolate and girlfriends living the same crazy mayhem that is Momming, uh…I’d be in a nut house.  On This journey to mommy hood,  I have fiercely struggled,  I have overcome so many challenges in Momming.  I seriously have floundered like a fish out of water and often, not  knowing whether I was on the right track, forged ahead blindly and frequently felt defeated. However…. I never quit trying to be better. Becoming a great mother is a work in progress and it never ends.  I think at some point, I thought it had an end, but, shocker… it doesn’t.  I believe very strongly that we will never stop learning until we leave the planet. I believe the key, is to learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off, know when to compromise, know when to dig your heels in and to stand firm, and most definitely remember there is no perfect. I have often been touted by my friends and family as a really good listener and problem solver.  I have learned to openly share my feelings and experiences and I hope you enjoy. Good, bad, ugly and the Triumphs!!!!!! I want to create a place for sharing and a place to know that you are not alone and you’re not crazy! Please join me as I do get a little sarcastic but, my goal is to share my wisdom. Comments and questions are encouraged. Form below! Let’s Gooooooo! 👇🏻

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